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By Derik Schwanz, 06/04/24, 8:30AM CDT


A comprehensive questionnaire

Helping Wrestlers Choose the Right College: A Comprehensive Questionnaire

As the journey from high school wrestling to college wrestling unfolds, making an informed decision about which college to attend can be challenging. To support student-athletes in this crucial decision-making process, Minnesota/USA Wrestling has created a useful tool: the College Selection Questionnaire.

What Is the College Selection Questionnaire?

The College Selection Questionnaire is designed to help wrestlers and their families evaluate and rank the various factors that influence their choice of college. This comprehensive tool ensures that all critical aspects are considered, helping you find the best fit for your academic, athletic, and personal goals.

Key Features of the Questionnaire:

  1. Cost and Financial Aid: Evaluate the total cost of attendance and the availability of financial aid options.

  2. Distance from Home: Consider how the proximity to home impacts your comfort and convenience.

  3. Location and Population Size: Reflect on whether you prefer a bustling urban environment or a quieter rural setting.

  4. Quality of the Wrestling Program: Assess the success, reputation, and coaching quality of the wrestling programs.

  5. Opportunity to Become a Starter: Determine your chances of securing a starting position on the team.

  6. Academic Programs and Support: Ensure the institution offers robust academic programs and support in your desired field.

  7. Athletic Facilities and Training Resources: Review the quality of training facilities, equipment, and sports medicine services.

  8. Coaching Staff and Team Culture: Understand the coaching philosophy and team dynamics.

  9. Student/Athlete Life Balance: Look into how well the school supports athletes in balancing their academic and athletic commitments.

  10. Competition Level: Decide if the level of competition matches your skills and aspirations.

  11. Alumni Network and Mentorship: Consider the benefits of the school’s alumni network and career support.

  12. Academic Reputation and Quality: Evaluate the academic standing and program quality for your intended major.

  13. Size of Institution: Decide whether you prefer a large university or a smaller college environment.

  14. Campus Housing and Amenities: Check the availability and quality of campus housing and recreational amenities.

  15. Internship and Job Placement Opportunities: Assess the strength of internship programs and job placement rates for graduates.

How to Use the Questionnaire

Each category can only be assigned one number from 1 (most important) to 15 (least important). This ranking system helps prioritize what matters most to you, making it easier to compare schools and find the best fit.

Start Your Journey with Confidence

Making the right college choice is a significant step in your wrestling and academic career. Download the College Selection Questionnaire today, and take the first step toward a successful and fulfilling college experience. Share your experiences and insights with the Minnesota/USA Wrestling community, and support fellow wrestlers in making informed decisions.

Download the College Selection Questionnaire - HERE

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