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Health Services Doordinator - Open Position

By Derik Schwanz, 07/01/24, 4:00PM CDT



MISSION STATEMENT: To provide a safe competition environment for all members of MN/USA Wrestling.


  1. Prepare and submit an annual budget request one month prior to the Annual Membership meeting.

  2. Work with age level directors to determine medical coverage requirements for state level and above tournaments such as state folkstyle tournament and state FS/GR.

  3. Work with age level directors to determine medical coverage requirements for Duals and Fargo camps.

  4. Coordinate with the weigh-master to designate and supervise medical checks at state level and above tournaments.

  5. Stay current on Sports Medicine practices specifically as it pertains to wrestling injuries, weight control, nutrition, and skin infections.

  6. Coordinate medical supplies for events.

  7. Promote wrestling to the medical community and serve as preceptors for student athletic trainers, physical therapy students, physical therapists, residents, etc.

  8. Event coordination responsibilities include: 

  • Making sure all Medical Alert Forms are being completed by on-site Athletic Trainers (Red/Yellow/Green Cards).
    • Each tournament should have a designated physician (MD, DO, PA) director available by phone. Recommend on-site physicians for tournaments for Regional and National level tournaments.
    • Each tournament needs to have a designated hospital emergency room and provide directions and maps for parents, coaches and staff. 
    • Each tournament needs to have a written pre-event emergency action plan in place that follows the venue requirements. (Dispatch through Venue security or direct call to 911) All on-site medical service providers and on-site security needs to have a copy of the written plan.
    • One Licensed or NATA BOC Certified Athletic Trainer designated as the Medical Services Coordinator. This person is responsible for coordination of Medical Checks and administration of USA Wrestling Medical Services. The Medical Services Coordinator needs to be identified by the Tournament Administration, Head Official and Rules Clinician prior to event. This individual rules on all medical decisions and sets the standards of medical care for the event.
    • One licensed or NATA BOC Certified Athletic Trainer for each 4 wrestling mats. If a student athletic trainer is being supervised by their ACI, the student and their instructor can manage 7 mats.



  • Shall hold a Medical Membership through USA Wrestling.

  • Must have a USA Wrestling Leader Membership ( yearly ) and obtain within a month of election. If unable to obtain, elected position will be forfeited.

  • Contact: David Peterson at