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Membership Updates & Notices

Update on Purchased Cards

Membership cards purchased at tournaments will be updated within 3 days of receiving the information from the host club.  It can typically take a week to receive the information from the host club. If you purchased a card and are planning on attending another Minnesota event within a week of the purchase, and you haven't received your email yet, stop at the membership table at the next tournament and let then know where you purchased your card. They will take down the information which will be validated at the state office. You will not be required to purchase a card until the host club has sent in their memberships.

Follow these instructions for Membership Instructions to print your card. 
Go to MEMBERSHIP on the MN/USA Wrestling website.
Click on (Near the bottom of the information)
Log into Membership.
Select Go to Profiles
Move cursor around and click on your high-lighted information.
Find PRINT CURRENT CARDS and click on it.

If you receive an error message when attempting to obtain your logon id and password it may be because:

1) An email address was not provided when you purchased your card.

2) The information was not legible so it could not be entered correctly.

3) I entered the information incorrectly into the database.