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How To Print Your Membership Card

Print your USA Membership Card

Once you have purchased your membership card on-site at a tournament and it has been entered into the system (typically 1-2 days from the date of tournament) you should use your ID and password to access the USAW Membership website and then go in and print your card. This is the process now used to print your card. USAW does not send an email with codes and information about getting your card. You print your own Wrestler’s and Wrestling Leader cards.

You can print your card within a few seconds of having purchased your memberships when you purchase your membership on-line.

Once you have your ID and password, go to In the login box you enter your id on the first line, and your password on the second line.  The password is case sensitive.  On the path that you choose there is a link that indicates "Print my card(s)", Click on it and print your cards.

Minnesota Wrestling Leaders are reminded that they must have completed either a “Heads Up” concussion training within the USAW Membership System or have proof of completion of concussion training as a MSHSL coach in order to obtain a floor pass to coach at ALL MNUSA Wrestling state events.   This training must be renewed every (3) three years.  For simplicity, it is recommended that you do the training in the USAW Membership system so that it prints proof of completion on your membership card.  It is free and takes about 20 minutes to complete by logging into the USAW Membership, clicking on the pulldown menu “Manage” and opening the “Concussion Training” link.