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Coaching Requirements for MNUSA State Tournaments

The following are links to the requirement(s) for a USAW "Wrestling Leader" membership and gain access to coach at mat-side in at all MNUSA State tournament competitions. Statistics have shown that youth sports have a 50-70% attrition rate by the age of 13.  MNUSAW is committed to providing a better experience for the athletes involved in MNUSAW.  Part of that process is requiring training for coaches and parents in some basic coaching skills.
Coaching pass requirements have changed for the 2020 season. Read the instruction carefully.
That gives all coaches one (1) year to comply with the new requirements.
Be sure to print a copy of the Concussion Training to keep with your Coaching Credentials.
(The online test will open online approx. 30 days before the MNUSA State Tournament start date and close at 6:00 pm the day before the tournament's first weigh-in). If you miss the test you may attend an etiquette/rules meeting immediately following all weigh-ins at the tournament site.
Click on the link below, Enter your full name and access code mnusaw (all lower case)

Please read the following instructions in their entirety before proceeding.

The first step in becoming a MNUSA Coach with State Tournament mat-side coaching privileges is to purchase and complete a USAW "Wrestling Leader" Membership.  This task will take several days. Do not try and complete it with less than a week left before your first state competition.
  • Completing the MNUSAW membership requirements below can now fulfill all the requirements needed for gaining access and being able a coach at mat-side at MNUSA State Tournaments.  Those requirements will include:
  • Purchasing the one year “Wrestling Leader” membership ($50.00) Be advised that the 2-year membership is no longer available starting in 2020.
  • A background check done within the USAW membership system. ($20.00 must be completed every 2 years).  This process can take 7-10 days to be complete. Background checks must be done through the USAW membership system. Other forms of background screening are not valid for a MN/USAW membership.
  • Completing the “Safe Sport” training that is mandated by USAW and US Olympics movement. The initial SafeSport training takes approx. 1 ½ hours.  A SafeSport refresher course will be required every year. 
    The refresher course will take less time than the initial course. SafeSport training has no cost.
  • Heads Up Concussion training.  Even if you have completed concussion training you must complete the “Head Up” training within the membership system to have it show up as valid training on your MN/USA membership card. Heads Up Concussion Training has no cost. Concussion training not done through the USAW membership system will not be accepted in 2021. 
    If you have a certificate for a completed concussion training (high school coaches training, Heads Up, etc.) please bring copies any of those certificates to the MNUSA state tournaments and they will be accepted for obtaining a coaching floor pass. Concussion training must be updated every 3 years.  This is a MN state law that we must follow very closely.
  • NEW by 2021 Completion of the NCEP Copper and/or Bronze Coaches Certification.
    1. The pre-tournament coaching test or the pre-tournament “Coaching Etiquette” clinics will be discontinued after the 2020 season. (They are still available in 2020 for coaches to obtain a floor pass). 
    2. By the 2021 wrestling season anyone who has NOT completed the Copper and/or a Bronze NCEP training will NOT have access to coach on the floor of any MNUSA state tournament.  Currently a coach can complete the Bronze without completing the Copper training but both have great value to beginning level coaches therefore MN/USAW and USAW recommends that coaches do both Copper and Bronze. 
    3. Remember that coaches need Bronze Certification to coach at any USAW Regional National or National competitions such as Northern Plains.
    4. Copper and Bronze are lifetime coaching certifications.  Proof of these certifications will be printed on the coach’s membership card and will take the place of the Coaching Etiquette test/training required every year at MN/USAW state tournaments.
    5. $50 Copper Certification, 4-hour online course.
    6. $80 Bronze Certification, 6-hour online course.
    7. If you wish to do both the Copper and Bronze certifications (at the same time) contact Tom Kuisle. You will be asked to pay for and complete the Bronze certification, you then will be sent a link to complete the Copper certification free of charge. (This offer is good for membership year 2020 only) To qualify for this offer you must do both certifications in essentially the same time frame.  If you have taken the Bronze Certification in the past you will not qualify for the free Copper Certification. The Bronze certification must be payed for and taken BEFORE you can qualify for the free Copper Clinic
Again, if you do not complete the Copper and/or Bronze Certification by the date of the 2020 state competition you will be required to take either  the traditional online test or attend a pre-tournament "Coaches Etiquette" training.  This training will go away in 2021 and be replaced by the NCEP Copper or Bronze Certification. If you do the NCEP certification this year (2020) you will be able to get a floor pass by just showing your card and paying the usual small coaching pass fee. Proof of all certifications will be printed on your USAW "Wrestling Leader" membership cards that can be printed from the USAW membership system.
Coaches floor passes may be purchased for $10 at the State Tournaments site in the athlete registration area.
Questions contact:

MN/USAW Club Leaders & Coaches:

MNUSA has taken the position to not allow clubs to have coaches passes to be on the floor of the state Greco and Freestyle  tournament unless that club has a working licensed pairing and mat official. In addition clubs are expected to haveand at least two (2) table workers at (Greco, Freestyle and Folkstyle State) representing their club. MNUSA will work with clubs to develop these officials but we cannot find them for you.  Don’t expect MNUSA to back down on this requirement.  It would be irresponsible of the organization if we don’t establish a ongoing supply of officials to work the tournaments, especially in Freestyle and Greco Wrestling.  The weekend open tournaments are a great way to get your feet wet as and official and get a little practice. The requirement to provide officials applies only to the Freestyle and Greco State tournaments. Registered high school officials are hired for the Kids/Cadets State Folkstyle tournament.
MN/USAWR will provide assistance to all new officials by doing the following:
·   No officials will miss watching their son or daughter wrestle we will make that guarantee.
·   On site clinics to explain rules and procedures. You just have to call me to schedule a time.
·   Someone to work with when you begin officiating so you have backup for questions.
·   You will enjoy the experience.
Email me with names of your officials or if you have questions.