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MN/USA Wrestling Matside Coaches Requirements


REQUIREMENTS TO COACH AT MNUSAW STATE and USAW Regional National and National level competitions


Mat-side Coaches:

MNUSAW takes the responsibility of coaching young athletes very seriously. In order to be in the coaches corner mat-side or to have any engagement with referees or table workers, SafeSport and USA Wrestling require all individuals to be properly certified. 

Coaches that have everything completed before the tournament can purchase a coaches band online through the state registration system for $15.00 before March 13th at 11:59pm. Coaches bands will also be available at the Coaches Registration table for a $25.00 charge the day of the tournament this includes your admission to the tournament for the weekend.  You must meet the following criteria to get a coaches pass.

Purchase Coaches Band for MN/USA State

1.  A Current USA Wrestling Leader Card, that includes a background check (takes about 7 to 14 days) and completion of SafeSport curriculum (2-4 hours) depending on if it's the first SS certification or a renewal refresher course.
2.  NCEP Copper Certification Certification or higher.  Note: at Regional Nationals (ex. Northern Plains) and other National Level competitions a Copper certification is only good for 14U and younger.  You will need to acquire a Bronze Certification to coach 16U and older athletes.  This will take a few hours to complete. 
3.  Evidence of completion of concussion training (*note this concussion training is not part of Copper or Bronze certification and requires a separate training. (1 hour) 
  • If you have completed concussion training with in the past 2 years with another organization simply bring in a copy of it to show us when you pay for your coaches pass at State. If you do it through the USA Wrestling membership system you won't need to keep bringing a copy of it.
  • To complete the certification and concussion  training go to the USA Wrestling membership site ( and log-in using your leadership information, from the drop down menu titled “Manage” you will see a link titled “Heads Up Concussion” and ” Coach Certifications”.
  • This training is only good for 2 years from completion date. If you have complete concussion training in the USA Wrestling membership system along with your "Wrestling Leader" membership it will show up as the letters CT on your printed  membership card.  This is something that is mandatory for coaching youth sports in Minnesota and several other states.

Please note that these need to be done BEFORE the tournament in order to purchase a coaches band. 

Any parent without a coach’s band will NOT be allowed in the corner and are NOT allowed to interact with the table or referees in any manner. Parents will need to coordinate with coaches to determine who will be accompanying the child and coaching the child mat-side.  SafeSport requires MNUSAW to operate within these guidelines.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.

  • We will not be holding matches waiting for coaches at State as we are on a time limit for each session.

Please reach out to Amie Engels, MN/USA Membership Director with any questions. 

MN/USA Membership Director Amie Engels

MN/USA Membership Director Amie Engels


Amie can also help verify coach’s requirements have been met by your club coaches.  A lot of clubs use college aged wrestlers to coach and run practices.  They need to obtain their Leadership Card, even if they have an athlete card. 

Just email him your list of coaches and he can let you know if there is anything they still need to complete.

Additional Information

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