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Coaches Corner

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MN/USA Wrestling Matside Coaches Requirements

In order to sit in the coaches matside chair or to have any engagement with referees, SafeSport and USA Wrestling require all individuals to be properly certified.

Coaches bands will be available at the head table at no additional charge for any individual who has all the following:
(i) a current USA Wrestling Leadership card with Copper Certification or higher; AND
(ii) evidence of completion of concussion training (*note this concussion training is not part of Copper or Bronze certification and requires a separate training. Certification can be completed at Heads Up Concussion Training Certification

Any parent without a coach's band will NOT be allowed to sit in the designated coach's chair and are NOT allowed to interact with the table or referees in any manner.

Parents will need to coordinate with other parents or their club coach to determine who will be accompanying the child and coaching the child mat-side. We understand this situation is not ideal but with SafeSport restrictions and Capacity limits from the MDH in light of COVID, this is the situation we have to operate within. There will be no exceptions to this policy.  

Be sure to print a copy of the Concussion Training to keep with your Coaching Credentials.

USAW Folkstyle Rules Addendum With Video Challenge Procedures adapted to Folkstyle

The NFHS (National Federation of High School) rulebook which governs Folkstyle competitions with the modifications listed in the above link. If you are looking for that rulebook it may be purchased on the NFHS website. USAW has no jurisdiction in that organization. 

USAW Dual Meet Competition Rules

USAW Greco-Freestyle Rule Book with Video Challenge Procedures

This is the most up-to-date rules document on the planet.  We recommend you put a link to it on your electronic device for quick and up-to-date information.  This rule book can be printed for easy reference, however, there are hyperlinks within the electronic version of the rulebook that reference online videos to assist in the understanding of the rules and rule changes.