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Coaches Corner

Coaches, Athletes and Officials
I’m declaring folkstyle season over and I’m officially turning my attention to Freestyle and Greco.  There has been some major changes in how we think about and differentiate between “negative wrestling” and “passivity”.  The USWOA and Zach Errett have developed some excellent videos to help us move to the new philosophy.
Regional Clinics and OEP’s at the national level will focus on teaching officials to encourage athletes to create dynamic action and eliminate negative wrestling, especially in Greco.
Please set aside some time to watch these videos before you step on the GR/FR mat.  You will find them at the rules page of the USWOA website at this link.
I would also encourage you to follow Tim Pierson’s Video of the day  and Quiz Question of the Day.  You can learn a lot from the examples Tim uses to illustrate understanding current GR/FR rules.
Be sure to fire any questions you have to me using this email address.
Thanks for all you do for kids and wrestling.
Tom Kuisle
(All online test open approx. 30 days before the tournament and close at 6:00 pm the day before the tournament's first weigh-in). If you miss the test you may attend a etiquette meeting at the tournament site.

MN/USAW Club Leaders & Coaches:

MNUSA has taken the position to not allow clubs to have coaches passes to be on the floor of the state tournaments unless that club has a working licensed pairing, mat official, and set of table workers representing their club. MNUSA will work with clubs to develop these officials but we cannot find them for you.  Don’t expect MNUSA to back down on this requirement.  It would be irresponsible of the organization if we don’t establish a ongoing supply of officials to work the tournaments, especially in Freestyle and Greco Wrestling.  The weekend open tournaments are a great way to get your feet wet as and official and get a little practice. The requirement to provide officials applies only to the Freestyle and Greco State tournaments. Registered high school officials are hired for the Kids/Cadets State Folkstyle tournament.
MN/USAWR will provide assistance to all new officials by doing the following:
·   No officials will miss watching their son or daughter wrestle we will make that guarantee.
·   On site clinics to explain rules and procedures. You just have to call me to schedule a time.
·   Someone to work with when you begin officiating so you have backup for questions.
·   You will enjoy the experience.
Email me with names of your officials or if you have questions.


Coaching Certifications

There are multiple levels of National Coaching certifications. These are managed by the National office.  To review the various levels and requirements to get certified, click on the NCEP .

  • Coaches need Bronze Certification to coach at Regional/National Kids Tournaments. 
  • Coaches need a minimum of Bronze Level or a Silver or Gold level to coach at all national level competitions that involve Cadet or Junior level mens and women competitors.
  • You do NOT need to be Copper before getting Bronze certified.  Coaches do need bronze certification to move to Silver and Gold Levels.