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Wrestling Rules for Officials and Coaches

Tom Kuisle

Tom Kuisle

MN/USA Mat Officials Director

Phone: 507-236-1066

I Want To Become an Official

Follow this LINK to instructions on getting a USAW Membership and becoming a Mat or Pairing Official.
If you have questions contact:
 Tom Kuisle, MNUSAW Mat Officials Director

MNUSAW and USAW Events Calendar

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USWOA (United State Wrestling Officials Association)

USWOA  Facebook Page


Ask The Ref

This link is for officials, coaches and athletes to submit rules questions to Category I USWOA officials. Remember this is just one more point of view that is offered depending on the description of the action or rule interpretation. It is not an attempt to "second guess" the officials on the mat.  He/She may have had a completely different angle of view and perspective of the action.  We also invite the writer to submit short video clips of just the action in question either by attaching to this email account or by submitting a link to a YouTube video.   We are especially interested in "Kid" wrestling situations.      

CLICK HERE  to email a question to Ask The Ref

MNUSAW Folkstyle Rules

Online Folkstyle Rules Clinic 
This presentation is designed to give a basic interpretation of Folkstyle Rule for beginning Officials and Coaches

MNUSAW follows the Folkstyle rules as described in the NFHS Wrestling Rules Book with the following modifications:

MNUSA Folkstyle Rules Modifications. 

MNUSAW State Tournament Weigh-in Protocol

The NFHS Wrestling Rule Book is a copyrighted publication of the NFHS and cannot be posted on this page but can be purchased at this link for $10.

Skin Lession Treatment Form
If the wrestler has a skin issue this form needs to be filled out by a MD showing that the skin issue has been diagnosed and is being treated.  The Tournament Medical Staff has the right to overrule this form.

2023 Freestyle Greco Rules Clinic

Below are links to YouTube Rules Clinics on the following topics. 


Greco/Freestyle Rules


This is the most up-to-date source of current Greco and Freestyle Rules

Mat and Pairing Officials Mileage and Tournament Reimbursement Form

Officials, click on the link below to download the reimbursement form.  Fill out the form following the instructions. Save a copy for your files and return via email to Tom Kuisle.  

Reimbursement Form Link

Please use MNUSA Reimbursement as the Subject line.

US Wrestling Officials Association

Much of what used to be on this webpage will now be maintained on USWOA.COM  This site was developed as a "go to place" for all mat and pairing officials at the state and national levels.  If you wish to register as and officials click on the above link for information. The RULES page on this site will contain the most current information for officials and coaches.  If there are rule changes or modifications they will be reflected on that site almost immediately. If rules are not posted on that site they have not been adopted.

Question, email Tom Kuisle