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Folkstyle Wrestling

Age Divisions and Weight Classes for MNUSA EVENTS

Weight Classes are used at the MNUSA Folkstyle State Championships.  Scratch weights used at qualifying tournaments. 


Click on the link below and select the list you wish to view (Qualified or REPS) and then select age group

Points Structure for Placing at MN/USA Qualifiers
  • 1st Place = 40 Points
  • 2nd Place = 25 Points
  • 3rd Place = 10 Points
  • 4th Place = 0 Points

Hosting a Minnesota/USA Wrestling Event

We would love to work with you and your upcoming tournament. If you are interested in hosting a tournament that is sanctioned via Minnesota/USA Wrestling, please contact our Open Tournament Director, Ian Glenn.

The approval process is based upon proximity to other events and awarded first to those clubs that have hosted in previous years.  Once approved, we work together on a series of items, such as chartering your club, sanctioning the event, and advertising and promotion of the event.