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All female wrestlers are welcome to participate in practice regardless of state residence and age (pre k - high school). There is no cost to this training camp as long as you have a current USA Wrestling card

Annual MN Girls' Wrestling Poster

The annual poster highlights MN Girl Wrestlers that have earned one of several coveted spots within the Top 10 Youth Girls, Top 3 Cadets or Top 3 Juniors, scoring points while competing and placing at (MN) USA local, state, regional and national tournaments.  

Each season, in order to make the poster that will come out during the fall of the following season, besides earning a Top 10 Youth Girl, Top 3 Cadet or Top 3 Junior spot, each wrestler will also need to attend a minimum of three MN Girls' Wrestling Practices during the entire season that precedes the fall that the poster comes out.  This means that to make the poster that comes out in the fall of each year, you will need to make it into the Top 10, Top 3 or Top 3, and also attend a minimum of three practices during the previous season of that year.  These are the normal All Girls' Practices held on Sunday afternoons at Augsburg University.  

The reason for this requirement is that we want to continue to grow our sport, increase the skill level and improve on the overall experience that our girls are having throughout each season.  One of the best ways to do this is by insuring that we are getting as many of our girls to these Sunday practices.  The three practice minimum is a hard number and will not be adjusted downward for any reason.  

Each wrestler to make the poster that is not the #1 in any of the three age categories will always get at least one line of text recognizing one of their highest USA Wrestling achievements from the previous season.  That achievement might be a state place winner, state championship, national place winner or national championship.  Each of the individuals to attain the #1 spot will get multiple lines of text, recognizing state and national placing, among other notable accomplishments.  This has been the standard since the first poster in 2013 and will remain the standard until otherwise changed.  

No other division of MN USA Wrestling creates a poster like our MN Girls' poster.  In fact, we have not seen another USA Girls' Wrestling program from anywhere else in the US annually create a poster that is specific to female wrestling, other than the very popular ASICS All-American poster.  

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Emily Shilson Show Here Carrying The Flag in Zagreb, Croatia
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Chad Shilson

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