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    Minnesota/USA Wrestling Notification/Update

    Just a reminder to each of you that we've made some changes to our State Tournament schedules and structures. The Northern Plains Regional tournament has also been changed.

    The Kids & Cadets State Folkstyle tournament has grown by quite a bit each of the last several years. The MNUSA Leadership discussed it at length and decided that it would be best to sever off a group to make the 

    tournament better It was decided to move the Cadets to a new tournament along with the Juniors which will be held at the Anoka High School on March 5th.

    Our Girls State High School will be held at the Anoka High School site also on March 5th.

    The Kids State Folkstyle tournament will be held in Rochester at the RCTC Sports Center on March 11th, 12th & 13th.

    Our Juniors State Greco & Freestyle will be held at Augsburg College On April 23rd and 24th.

    The Kids & Cadets State Greco & Freestyle Tournament will be held in Monticello at the High School. Greco will be May 14th. Freestyle will be May 15th.

    The Girls State Freestyle will also be held in Monticello at the High School on May 15th.

    The Northern Plains Regional Leadership has decided to combine and centralize the Northern Plains Greco & Freestyle tournaments. The site will be at the RCTC Sports Center. Kids, Cadets and Juniors Greco competition will be held on May 21st. Kids, Cadets and Juniors Freestyle competition will be held on May 22nd. 

    Girls Freestyle Jamboree will be held on May 21st.

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